Birth Spiritual Birth

Understanding the Spiritual Aspect of Birth

When we experience birth, it shows us our divine purpose in life. “You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are.” Take a moment to understand and acknowledge that you matter, you and important. Even if you have doubts about things in your life, or you are unsure about what other’s think of you… realize how you are viewed through our new baby’s eyes. That child depends on you, and you are vitally important her. You are in a position to unfold the the divine purpose of the universe in this little person. And a big part of divine purpose for each individual…is parenthood.

How the Human Form is Divine

The human form exists on separateness, and the separated existence is shown in the differences between female and male sexes. If we were in a unified existence, female and male would the same, and there would be no need or longing for the other. Each of two sexes want completion and wholeness, and they are longing to create oneness together. When two totally separate beings, both female and male, merge together in the divine act of love… they become one, and have the ability to create new life that joins them together.
Two separate beings come together to create one new being.
So, their child symbolically a realization of their unity and oneness in the universe.

Because of this spiritual element, a unitive state is experienced by the child when they are born and they are fully at one with the universe and with with in general. A few moments of gazing into the eyes of a new baby shows depths of the universe that are difficult to put into words: eternity and infinity. Women are the divine vessels which carry and support this new life as it enters the world, and it cannot happen without men to be involved in the creative act.

With conception, birth, and rearing a child, we are able to experience a creative force that cannot be found in any other worldly endeavor.

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