Animal organs are part of a healthy pregnancy diet

Adding Animal Organs to a Healthy Antenatal Diet

For a healthy pregnancy diet, according to the book Healing Our Children, you should always be sure to consume plenty of organs and glands from seafood and animals in your daily diet. While your midwife or other care provider may tell you that eating certain organs, such as liver, is unsafe due to high levels of Vitamin A, there really isn’t much research to back this theory up. Besides, organs and glands are crammed with all kinds of nutrition, and they’ve been a part of traditional pregnancy and lactation diets for healthy indigenous communities since their origin.

Are you wondering why you should use organs or how you can work them into your diet? Here’s what you need to know:

Why do we need organ meat during pregnancy?

The book Healing Our ChildrenM outlines the best pregnancy diet possible for women who hope to become pregnant, are already pregnant, or are providing nourishment for through lactation. This diet is intuitive and comes from centuries of traditional food culture within indigenous populations. The diet is focused around those cultures who are known for having healthy babies, easy births, and robust lifestyles. By moving away from modern assumptions about diet and following instead the kinds of foods our ancestors would have eaten during preconception, pregnancy, and lactation, we can have much healthier pregnancies and more vibrant children.

Organs and glands from organically raised land and sea animals play an important role in  a healthy pregnancy diet. The reason that organs are so important in a pregnancy diet is that they are where many essential nutrients, such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A, are concentrated. Just by adding an organ like liver to your daily pregnancy routine, you can increase your intake of these important nutrients without resorting to non-whole sources of nutrition, such as heavily processed, commercially prepared vitamins.

Other nutrients that you will discover in most organs include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Activator X.

Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin, helps to routinely flush the body of toxins and build immunity. This nutrient cannot be stored, so it’s vital to meet daily Vitamin C requirements each day throuhgout pregnancy.

Many pregnant women and breastfed babies lack the Vitamin D required to help their organs function and their bones grow, and it’s more important than ever that women add this nutrient to their diet through healthy food choices. This is part of a chain reaction, a mother who is lacking in Vitamin D will produce offspring who suffer the same fate.

Finally, there is the hormonal compound known as Activator X. This near-magical compound has been shown to increase fertility and improve the health of developing babies.

All of these critical compounds and vitamins are found in organs and glands of land and sea animals. This is one of the biggest reasons why consuming them is such a vital part of the best pregnancy diet.

Where can you get organs for your pregnancy diet?

The most important detail to keep in mind when purchasing organ meat for your healthy pregnancy diet is to ensure that you are getting only the products of wild or grassfed animals that were raised without hormones or antibiotics of any kind. Just as essential nutrients collect in organs, so do toxins like artificial hormones and antibiotics.

Liver is the easiest type of organ to come by, and you can usually get livers from a local organic farm that raises cattle or other animals. You can also buy whole fish that still contain the organs. Instead of eating these organs outright, you can boil them into a stock, which will soak up most of the essential nutrients stored in the organs. Besides this, consider adding food items that we normally eat whole – such as oysters – to your daily diet to get more organ meat.

If you are unable to find enough healthy, organic options for adding organ meat to your pregnancy diet, shop at for a selection of freeze-dried glands obtained from healthy grassfed lambs. Healing Our Children highly recommends these as a practical substitute for  fresh organ meat when you can’t find it anywhere else.

To learn more about what to consumer before, during, and after pregnancy to provide your body and your baby with the best possible nutrition, check out Healing Our Children. It’s packed with advice for pregnant women and ancient wisdom regarding what to eat, as well as what to avoid.

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