Special Foods Before, After and During Labor

Diet Before Labor

“Lubrication Formula (We Want to Live) (3 Weeks Before Birth)
1-2 raw organic eggs (Raw Eggs Are Consumed At Your Own Risk)
2-4 ounces raw butter
1-2 tablespoons lemon juice
1-2 teaspoons unheated honey

All ingredients should be room temperature. Warm all ingredients in a jar with the lid on immersed in a bowl of mildly hot water for 5 minutes. Blenderize on medium speed for 10 seconds. The formula is most affective when consumed with, or shortly after, a meat meal. “Drinking the Drink for moisturizing and lubrication daily 3 weeks before baby is due helps ease birth and prevent tearing of tissue during birth.”

“Five days prior to the due date, and continued to do date, add 2 tablespoons of bee pollen with about 2 tablespoons of unsalted raw cheese.” Vonderplanitz, A. Recipie for Living Without Disease.

Diet During Labor/Birth

  • Ghee to quicken labor
  • Unheated honey diluted in warm water for weakness
  • Many herbs can be used, but I do not have a list for you here.

Diet After Labor/Birth

If you have no appetite, “eat nothing, with the possible exception of the afterbirth, which contains an extremely alkaline and beneficial hormone.” Bieler, H. Dr. Bieler’s Way to Natural Sexual Health

Homemade broth soup, especially fish broth, for at least 4 days after birth. If you cannot get fish broth, use chicken or beef broth.