Preparing your Spiritual Body for Birth

If you are struggling or curious as to what your spiritual purpose is in life, let me help you out a bit.

You are here to love, serve, and remember your true nature. Your purpose in life is to be a mother. Being a mother does not mean you put your needs aside. Likewise it does not mean that your babies needs are LESS important than your own. Birth is a profound spiritual experience because your being expands to hold more than one soul. Even though your baby is in a seperate body, his spirit will be intertwined with your own.

Considering your souls current purpose in your life is to be a mother (or father) can help you feel positive and aligned about having a child. Spirituality is also about surrending to a greator power than yourself. During the birth process, surrending to the motions of your body, mind and spirit can lead to an expansive and extatic experience. New forces come into your life and body as your child comes into the world.

I recommending praying and asking for spiritual help and guidance to prepare your for the birth process. Perhaps an important helper will come your way through your sincere prayers. Or your body and mind will become clear on how to have the best birth possible for your new family.