Prepare Your Emotional Body for Birth

Are you emotionally ready for your child?

Are you prepared for the birth process?

If you honestly reflect on these questions, you will probably find that the answer is NO. Yes you may be excited for your new baby. But are you ready to take care of this little being? Have your needs been met? Do you feel safe in the birthing process. While the physical body is often the focus of being prepared for birth. The emotionaly body can easily be neglected. Do not be afraid of what is inside of you in relation to your future child. It is normal to feel scared and afraid. The secret is, do not hide those feelings. Share them with a friend or partner. Share how you feel with your birth care provider.

Here are some suggestions to help your emotional body prepare for birth.

  • Find a birth care provider that you feel comfortable with.
  • Journal, talk about, learn about your personal fears associated with birth and pregnancy.
  • Ask yourself, “What do I need to Feel supported?”
  • Watch video’s, take classes, or do anything else to help you see if you feel prepared for birth, and to help you realize your fears around birth.