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Our Modern Way of Living is Over

For thousands of years later, many times without assistance, Mother’s would perform the ancient right of birth. The birth was of little conequence because these mother’s where prepared, with role models as children on how to give birth, and with a special type of nutrition that ensured that their bodies where capable of an easy birth, due to a well formed pelvic brim and body, a storage of nutrients for birth, that creates a spacious birth canal free from tension.

Today our Mother’s and children suffer needlessly in the birth process from a variety of factors.

Most of these factors are now preventable.

We are called upon to change how we live, and who we are, because we are drowning in pain and suffering due to our ignorance of nature, and ignorance of our own divine selves.

So I offer you a prayer.

I pray you are led from untruth to truth, from darkness to light, from death to immortality. I pray for peace for yourself and your child. May there be peace on Earth!