Midwives, Trust and Saftey with Birth

What seems to be lacking as a regular part of the birthing experience is a feeling of safety. I want to invoke the spirit of trust and safety for all the birth’s on this planet, both and and in the future. Please join me energetically for a moment if you will. The feeling of trust can be envisioned by connecting to both the feeling in your physical body, the feeling that it is safe to be here, and okay to be alive, with the feeling of surrendering to a greater will. Combine the feeling of safety with the knowing and the sense that there is a greater plan for our life, that has our best interest in mind, and that we can surrender and fit into this plan.

I realized that trust was a key factor missing from the birth processes in the US when I came across the Spinning Babies I really felt Gail embodies in my opinion creating safety on the physical level of birth. She understands women’s bodies, and understands the complications, and does not fear them. To me it was enlightening to feel that you can embody safety and trust around birth.

One important factor to ensure a safe birth, is a positive, healthy, and communicative relationship with your birth care provider. You want to feel trust with whomever you choose, a connection, and a sense that they will act in your best interest.

One study showed that women attended by midwives are 30% less likely to undergo Cesarean section compared to those attended by physicians. Furthermore, a diagnosis of fetal distress is made 50% less often in babies delivered by midwives, compared to those delivered by physicians.