Indigenous People Had Safe and Natural Births

Dr. Weston Price discovered that indigenous women had rapid births.

“A similar impressive comment was made to me by Dr. Romig, the superintendent of the government hospital for Eskimos and Indians at Anchorage, Alaska. He stated that in his thirty-six years among the Eskimos, he had never been able to arrive in time to see a normal birth by a primitive Eskimo woman. But conditions have changed materially with the new generation of Eskimo girls, born after their parents began to use foods of modern civilization. Many of them are carried to his hospital after they had been in labor for several days.” Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

After the adoption of “white man’s” foods of commerce, like processed sugar, white flour, jam’s, coffee and chocolate, many groups of Indigenous women lost their heritage for easy births.

When you take a moment to consider the concept of birth. It makes sense that women’s bodies would be designed to have natural and safe births. Since babies need mothers to take care of them, to breastfeed and to thrive. Nature must have made the process of birth a manageable one. Otherwise babies would be born without mothers. The father’s would also of course be quite unahppy to loose a mother during the birth process. So nature made birth easy, or at least manageable. But this only happens when people abided by her rules. With the coming of modern civilization, indigenous people lost the physical structure and vitality that allowed them to have safe and natural births.