A Child Centered Birth Experience, A Natural Birth

The revolutionary book (online for free) that helped improve birth in the west. Dr. Frederick Leboyer points out the trauma that regularly happens as humans enter the world. The tiny creature, new to life, is born to loud sounds, blinding lights, placed on cold metal objects, and even poked and prodded.

Birth needs to become a safe nuturing enviorment that supports mother and child bonding, and that honors the real feelings and needs of the hyper sensitive infant entering into the world.

What Does Your Baby Need to Feel Safe?

Your new baby will imprint the experience he has during birth. What type of experience do you want it to be? Your baby of course has feelings when he is born. He is very delicate and wants to be lovingly cared for. So how will you treat him? Dr. Leboyer’s book brought to light that clearly, babies do feel and experience everything during the birth process. Focus on providing a field of love, safety and care for your new baby. Create an environment that truly honors and respects your new babies needs and delicateness. When you honor your new baby, you honor yourself.