Discipline and Authority

Who is in charge of deciding what is right and what is wrong in our society? Authority figures in our current society derive their power not from ultimate truth, but from the status quo. Whatever philosophy is dominant amongst the elite is the source of their power and their actions.

An authority figure can be anyone from a doctor giving medical advice to a police officer enforcing a law to a teacher implementing a standardized curriculum. As stated in Healing Our Children, “anyone we identify as an authority has the power to tell people how life is.”

You can identify whether the power of an authority figure is authentic or based on arbitrary foundations by examining the method by which they wield that power. For example, doctors who use fear tactics to push commonly accepted practices on you or your family have no real basis for their authority. They are only carrying on the tactics that they have been taught from a long line of previous authority figures.

“Therefore, enforcers of the dominant mode of thinking have little or no real source of knowledge and thus have little real power.”

Real authority allows for freedom and individuality. An authentic model of authority is based on truth; not fear or control. The book adds:
“Human authority can be a distortion of divine authority. Divine authority is based on your personal connection with the source of life, and its roots are truth and love. Our Constitution and our government were founded on the belief of divine authority, as stated in the Declaration of Independence.”

Healing our children and ourselves requires recognizing diving authority and separating it from false power structures that are based on restriction and conformity, not on liberty. The only way for us to break free from this cycle of artificial authority is to realize that schools, hospitals, colleges, and the government are all working in the interest of an agenda that is in direct opposition of independence.

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