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Trust Your Instincts During Pregnancy

These are guidelines, not rigid expectations that have to be precisely followed. However I take great effort to avoid the unhealthy foods. Particularly, in the final stages of pregnancy, your appetite might very widely, trust these instincts. After the birth, you may not feel hungry at all, trust that feeling and do not force yourself to eat. Your body may have cravings for certain things, so for example: for two weeks you might eat lots of lamb, and only some fish. Then it could switch, you eat lots of fish, and very little red meat. Overall, try to make sure you are eating a balanced menu as these guidelines suggest, but it may be too rigid for you to try to eat all these foods every single day. Taking a break from certain foods, and eating more of other foods can be balancing.

* Weston Price successfully used the mixture of equal parts high vitamin butter oil and cod liver to improve pregnancy health, to stop tooth decay, and to help heal and regrow bones. These food supplements can be replaced with their equivalent whole food versions, or with a good quantity of fish eggs daily.

** One source suggests eating eggs 5 days on, 2 days off, if you are prone to miscarriage.

***The liver’s of small animals, like squirrels and guinea pigs during certain seasons may be used, as well as insects during certain times of the year might count as fourth and fifth categories of food. I do not know what times of the year this would be, but it would be when they are in abundance. I did not list these are foods a majority of us do not eat.

**** Vitamins are not to be obtained from synthetic source

Dietary guidelines adopted from the Weston A. Price Foundation Diet for Pregnancy and Lactation.