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Special Foods for Pregnancy

High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil: Live Superfoods or Green Pastures (also has fermented cod liver oil).

Cod Liver Oil: Maker’s Diet and Carlson’s Brand

High Vitamin Butter Oil: Live Superfoods or Green Pastures butter oil is a food based supplement of concentrated spring or summer yellow butter.

Yellow Butter: Anchor Butter, (1-888-869-6455 to find a local Anchor Supplier), Kerrigold Butter, Jana Valley Butter. Local butter’s purchased during the spring and summertime when the cows eat rapidly growing grass are available at: – a campaign for wholesome real milk. The imported butters should be available from your local natural food store.

Bone Marrow & Grassfed Liver: US Wellness Meats (Get 25% US Wellness Meats with coupon code: USW25) or – grass-fed animal food sources.

Fish Eggs: Sometimes at your local fish merchant, or as various types of caviars from wild fish. The last option is cost prohibitive for most.