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Toxemia, Toxins in the Body Cause Disease

    J.H. Tilden, MD
    J.H. Tilden, MD

    “I resolved either to quit the profession or to find the cause of disease.” Toxemia Explained page 21

    Disease happens when the elimination of waste products becomes blocked. Normal cellular metabolism creates waste products. What we call a disease, is actually a crisis of toxemia, it is your body taking efforts to remove embedded toxins that are from a wrong way of living.

    “There is no hope that medical science will ever be a science” because it separates the disease from the person. Whereas, the disease and the person are indeed connected.

    Disease is healed when the causes are removed. The causes of disease are habits of stimulation, such as coffee, chocolate, alcohol, sugar and other foods that we use to stimulate and excite ourselves with. Fear, and other emotions, along with other excessive behaviors may count as stimulating habits.

    Sneezing, coughing, irritation, pain, fever and so forth, represent the bodies attempt to cleanse the toxic elements, and return to balance again, these are usually good things, and should be encouraged, not suppressed.

    Dr. Tilden advocates hot bathes, fasting, enemas and rest.