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The Fluoride Deception: Pregnancy and Childhood

For many years the public has been told that fluoride is needed to prevent cavities. Many cities and towns across the country fluoridate the water supply. Dentists and doctors across the nation often recommend fluoride, and support the fluoridation of water. This practice is misleading and dangerous to the health of all life. The fluoride so often added to the water supply and recommended by dentists and doctors is not a natural product. It is a byproduct of the phosphate mining process, and it is a highly toxic, hazardous compound.

Fluoride in the Water

Years ago, phosphate mining companies released byproducts of phosphoric acid production into the air. Because farms in areas around the phosphate mining companies were suffering devastating losses of animals and crops due to fluoride poisoning, the companies found a way to capture toxic fluoride vapors and turn them into liquid chemicals. These hazardous chemicals are now collected and shipped to cities and towns to be released into water supplies. This dumping of toxic chemicals into municipal water supplies is justified by the false idea that this will help prevent cavities. The truth is that fluoride is a toxin, not the helpful, benign element we have been led to believe.

Fluoride and Pregnancy

One area of marked interest regarding fluoride is its effect on the fetus. Pregnant women may not realize that exposure to fluoride during pregnancy can also expose an unborn child, regardless of the trimester. Even doses that appear non-toxic to the mother can accumulate in and harm the unborn child’s brain. This can lead to hyperactivity during childhood as well as a lowering of the child’s intelligence. There is also evidence that fluoride ingested by the mother-to-be can create an environment which would lead to future fluorosis in the child. Other factors that have been related to fluoride consumption by pregnant women are low birth weight and premature birth.

Fluoride is not only bad for the fetus, but for the mother-to-be as well.  One study published in Current Science noted that pregnant women with high levels of fluoride suffered greater risk for iron deficient anemia (Susheela, 2010). This study also noted that fluoride decreases nutrients that are especially needed for a healthy pregnancy and birth. The fluoride did this by reducing the amount of red blood cells, blocking good gut bacteria, and inhibiting B12 production in the mother’s body. This can explain the low birth weights and premature births previously mentioned.

Fluoride and Children

A number of studies done over the last decade have correlated the lowering of IQ scores to intake of fluoride by children. Studies done on both humans and rodents have shown that fluoride exposure can impair learning and memory in children. As was previously mentioned, fluoride consumption can create hyperactive children with lower intelligence levels. This could be the reason for a drop in understanding of mathematics and other subjects of children today.

Children exposed to fluoride in their drinking water could also develop fluorosis at a younger age. According to the CDC (2007), 41% of today’s children have dental fluorosis. While many people think this is simply a cosmetic issue, there is evidence to suggest it is much more. Research has indicated that bone fracture tends to be higher in children with fluorosis than in those without. This makes sense. Fluoride causes brittle bones and teeth, making fluorosis and broken bones a greater possibility in children.

Fluoride is not the cure for tooth decay. It is not a safe treatment for prevention in pregnant women and children. It should be avoided during pregnancy, and should not be given to children. The best way to protect yourself and your child from tooth decay is through a diet that is rich in fat-soluble vitamins and mineralsdiet that is rich in fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. Eating unprocessed foods that are as close to nature as possible, and avoiding those foods that promote decay will be your best treatment for and defense against tooth decay.

The following video is the full story of the Fluoride Deception. It is a fun and educational video that will tell you more facts about the processing and reasons behind water fluoridation.


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