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Lack of Proper Nutrition Causes of Degeneration

Weston A. Price, DDS

“Life in All Its Fullness, Is Mother Nature Obeyed.”

Degenerative Diseases and many so called Infectious Diseases (Tuberculosis, Tooth Decay), are a result of an inadequate diet.

Primitive human beings, living on their native diet are relatively free from disease. Why does our modern civilization have so many diseases, especially tooth decay, when our ancestors did not, something must be wrong?

Modernized foods such as processed sugars in the forms of jams, syrups and sweets, along with white flour used to create breads, and vegetable fats, lead to a diseased state and cause dental carries, this is the “white plague”

We can look at the successful diets of healthy people around the planet, analyze them with scientific tools, and determine what we can eat to live in superb health.

Healthy primitive people ate foods that had several times more nutrients than we eat today. Especially lacking in our modern diet, are fat-soluble activators and vitamins, these are primarily found in animal fats.

Health begins prior to the time of conception, and is created primarily through the nutrient contents of the sperm and the egg.

Mental problems, crime, and other social dysfunctions can usually be traced to a nutritional injury in the womb, this is obvious by looking at the disturbed facial development of the insane, backward, and the violent criminal.

If our modern civilization is to survive, we must utilize the knowledge of our “primitive” ancestors, so that we can regain our health. A change in nutrition for the parents to be, will also likely reduce or eliminate vast problems in society, anything from birth defects, to crime.