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Hippocrates – The Body Can Heal Itself


Hippocrates believed in vis medicatrix naturae – which I translate as “The Force of Nature Heals”

He defined disease as suffering, and strain.

“Thy food shall be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.”

Disease has to do with the environment. This could include food, exercise and the amount of rest.

To Summarize, we have two contrasting theories of disease. The germ theory, the modern theory that says that we are hardly responsible for our health, because germs are what cause disease. The second theory, based on the Cellular Theory of disease, says, that we are responsible for our health, and that germs appear in a diseased environment. Ancient teachings support this principle. Disease happens when we are somehow out of alignment with our environment.

The Modern Paradigm of Medicine is Deeply Flawed Because Western Medicine Promotes and Causes Disease