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Why Do Mother’s Abandon Their Children?

When the mother was an infant and child, she was likely hurt, rejected, and helplessly exposed to pain and deprivation. Children find that numbing their feelings is the best way to cope with such abuse. This is a quite realistic expression of a child. Numbness eventually become second nature as the child grows up, this is how evil is born.

When the mother was a child, in order for her to survive, she had to make the painful hurt, and the deep sadness, somehow feel okay. This is accomplished by combining the pleasure current, with the pain current. Imagine say, a 3 month old, they have no thoughts, and no mind, and they are experiencing pain. You could imagine that they would take this painful experience to be apart of life, and try to make it feel okay.

As an adult, the mother is now numb to her own feelings, and at the same time, she has her feeling of pleasure mixed up with pain.

Due to the twisted pleasure, and the numbness, it feels somewhat normal for a mother to abandon her child, and society supports this.

Abandonment: When I say abandonment I am not refering exclusively to leaving your infant or child on someone’s doorstep. Abandonment means not being present to breast feed your child, or to nurture them, on their cues. I am reffering to day cares, to letting them “cry it out” alone in their rooms, babysitters, nannies, anything that is a reflection of the mother not allowing, and nurturing the bond with her child. Leaving infant with the father, or other relativies where you are not available to breastfeed on cue, or, where the family member is not holding constantly the 0-6 month old infant, and not holding frequently a 6-36 month old, is also abandonment.