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Nature is In Our Heart, Motherhood and Nature 8-18-09

We go to the beach sometimes, or we go to the woods on the weekend. We consider our time to be in nature, or, not in nature.

What we need to know is Nature is with us all of the time!

Even if we are in an office or cubicle, consider this: The chair, the phone, the desk, everything around you was derived and originated from the Earth. Even though it may not appear that way.

Simply consider this and breathe in a breath to your heart. Give thanks for our great Mother Nature for providing us with literally everything we have here.

Going to the woods, to the beach, to a park, or anywhere in “nature,” is essential for humans to be healthy. When we are surrounded by the wilderness we can feel the divine perfection of life in its raw form and the elements become noticeable to us more than in the human created environment of suburbs or cities.

When we take off our shoes or wear natural sole footwear like moccasins, we can feel more connected to the life pulse and that means we will feel more pleasure and joy, health and happiness – our own true nature.

Let’s remember our true nature as beautiful humans co-creating with nature.

Let’s breathe (your breath is nature breathing through you) in and feel Her in our hearts.

Let’s have fun like children do, and cry and feel all the rainbow of emotions. Let us be in awe of all of creation. Let’s be one with Nature.