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Motherhood and Support on being your Divine Mother self

These posts are written by Michelle. Michelle’s wisdom is featured in the book, “Healing Our Children.” Being a mother is a unique opportunity to shine as your real self. Michelle’s comments will help you connect deeper with yourself and your children, or child to be.

On Being a Mother 7-15-09

When I am with my children, I notice that at times, my mind wanders. I can feel that I am less present with myself, and as a result, less present with my precious children. In this state I feel agitated, withdrawn. Soon enough my children are not enjoying this beautiful life because their mother is not present.

I have discovered a way to enjoy being a mother in a deeper way. Both of my children had unique births. They have unique spirits. I can connect with the birth, by remembering it, and I can feel their unique spirits that I got to meet for the first time in a real way when they were born. I feel that awareness of our first encounter, and bring that attention to their entire being. I then don’t see my children as “children.” I perceive their complete souls. In this state, I know my true purpose: I am here to relate with them. Then spontaneously, as I do this, I effortlessly can respect all of creation, and all of life, in the present moment.