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Connecting To Our Children

Why to Connect

            As time goes on, it becomes more and more apparent that our society is going down the drain. Unfortunately, rather than looking at the root cause of this problem, people often see society as the cause: politicians, the judicial system, or economists. The major problems that are going on, however, are deeply seeded in our family living! How we connect with our children plays a major role in who they will become as adults. When our combined children are grown, they will make up society. “Wow, so what I am doing now with my four year old is going to help affect where society goes?” Yes. As mothers, we have a huge and joyful responsibility to mold our children for the future. They look to us as toddlers for what to do and we show them so that when they are in their twenties it is already established in their thinking. Being aware of this will help us in making good decisions for our kids now, because we have the hope of who they will likely become. What a joy to be able to teach and mold the thinking of our coming generation!

            Being connected with our children is almost like a lost art. Generations and generations have set the ground work but sadly, people forget where to place emphasis. We can all easily forget the great importance and happiness in raising children. If children are not being raised in loving, caring homes there will be a huge effect and change in society’s thinking. Take for example the suicide rate. According to SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education) nearly 30,000 American lives are taken by suicide each year and it is the third leading cause of death for Americans aged 15 to 24 years. When children are not given the kind of love they need and taught self-respect then this is the kind of sad thing that happens to them. We, as parents, have the privilege of giving and teaching to help avoid this kind of bad decision.

Who our kids are as children will shape who they become as adults. The more we connect with them and teach things like a good work ethic and care for themselves and others, the more we are helping them to live good lives and to be helpful and healthy partakers in society. Our connection to our children is the start of their connection and functioning as adults.

How to Connect

            Children thrive on physical touch and awareness of their place in life. When we show our love to our children it rubs off on them; they consider it to be a normal part of living and long to share it with others. Showing our approval of their good work helps give them courage and gives them the incentive to repeat, both things that will aid them when they are grown. Whatever our goals in life, we are trying to teach and instill them in our kids. Have you ever seen a little kid wanting to do things for his mamma just because he wants to make her happy? Because he wants to see her smile and tell him he did a good job. This is how we want to make our children feel: that they have done a good job and are worth something. This reassurance will help to make them stronger and will better equip them for life on their own. Feeling a connection and being in sync with our children whether mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually is something that cannot be replaced. It is priceless! If we withhold there may never be a chance to make a good impression again and we could be permanently damaging them. Our children will be healthier and happier people knowing that they have parents who truly care about them and who love them regardless of their mistakes. They will have the courage to develop into good citizens and feel their place in our families and lives. A child who knows where his place is can grow and become what he should. Our kids are just longing to have someone to look up to, to nurture, and to love them. When we give that to them, it establishes faith and trust in us and trust is a huge factor in being connected! If our kids cannot trust us they will be filled with uncertainty and security issues. We want them rather, to feel needed and wanted by someone they trust. When they feel adequate they will act that way and this will help improve our society! By showing love and taking time for our children we give them a reason to have faith in us and in their own abilities.

By Brittany Wyatt