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Breastfeeding, An Embodiment of A Mother’s Love

With breastfeeding infant receives, the ideal food and source of nourishment, a pleasurable life giving connection and a biological feeling of peace and relaxation. His body becomes soft and receptive. Breastfeeding on cue is the easiest and best way to take care of a child, because it makes children calm, and relaxed.

The average time of breastfeeding in a study of 64 Indigenous groups was between 3-4 years. The strong and sturdy Eskimo people breastfeed until their children are 6-7.  Breastfeeding Biocultural PerspectivesBreastfeeding Biocultural Perspectives

The mother receives a daily vacation through breastfeeding. Relaxing and pleasurable hormones are released, and this stimulates a feeling of love and connection with your child.

Breastfeeding can occur 10-30 times or more a day. Good nurturing breast feedings can last as long as an hour, this allows the hind milk to come through. (this is not all the time, just every few feedings)

Common Breastfeeding Myths:

(Myth) Breastfeeding at night causes cavities in infants
(Truth) Children need to breast feed at night, it helps them sleep well, and gives their body nutrients to grow through the night, and it does not cause cavities .Cavities are caused by a deficiency of nutrients Cavities are caused by a deficiency of nutrients, so lack of breastfeeding will increase the odds of cavities.

(Myth) Children need to breast feed 3-9 months and then they need to wean
(Truth) Children need to breast feed for several years. Breast milk is the ideal food. Early weaning does not honor nature’s continuum, which designed children, to be children, for many years. Early weaning forces them to mature too rapidly.

(Myth) Infant formula is an acceptable alternative to breast milk
(Truth) Only homemade infant formula as described by the Weston Price Foundation, which includes raw grassfed milk, or bone broths, provides the adequate nutrients to support health and growth.

Nature designed you and your infant for a program of breastfeeding.