Sacred Wisdom for the times of Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting (ages 0-6)

Healing Our Children was written to reveal the causes of diseases in our young children and in mother’s during pregnancy. More than just a book, it is a detailed report explaining how our civilization has veered off course. Whether you are seek health knowledge for yourself, or seek understanding how to have a healthy baby, Healing our Children will teach you how our seemingly innocent day-to-day choices are causing the very suffering we all desire to avoid.

The book includes information about natural ways to reduce your risk of: miscarriage by 640%, premature births by 315%, birth defects by 1602%, and even reverse infertility in 78.4% of all cases. Interestingly, many doctors and midwives don’t know about these natural solutions.

Natural health author and father Ramiel Nagel, carefully researched the wisdom of many doctors, including Hippocrates (ancient greek physician, father of western medicine), Dr. Weston Price (author of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration) and Dr. Alex Carrel (Nobel Prize winner). This research has uncovered the actual cause of the following diseases (so you can prevent them):

  • Mental Disabilities
  • Birth Defects
  • Sudden Infant Death
  • Scoliosis
  • Autism
  • Infant Mortality
  • Infertility
  • Miscarriage
  • Colic
  • Tooth Decay
  • Morning sickness
  • Premature Birth
  • Postpartum Depression

The root cause of the above diseases is our toxic environment, toxic medicines, and processed foods, as well as other elements in our toxic world. The modern medical belief is that such and such disease won’t be a problem for long, because a cure will be found in the near future, and most people blindly follow this mindset. Nagel reveals how these diseases are completely preventable, and largely treatable. Healing Our Children is a change in being, allowing ourselves to embrace a more compassionate and loving existence and opening up to life. Healing Our Children includes 44 vivid photographs and 34 lucid illustrations, with text that is easy to understand and engaging stories from Nagel’s life.

You will also additionally discover information about how it is possible to:

  • Lower your risk of birth complications
  • Give birth to a well proportioned baby
  • Have a child with excellent eyesight (20/20 vision or better)
  • Raise a child with high intelligence levels, who meets or exceeds the abilities of his age group
  •  Choose habits for a healthy pregnancy
  •  Shorten your childbirth recovery time
  • Help your child be at a substantially lower risk for every disease
  • Teach your child to be free from the propaganda, hypocrisy, and lies of pharmaceutical companies and government agencies… which actually create and promote disease.
  •  Nurture your child with vital parenting techniques that have been used for years to created happy and healthy children

Finally, Healing Our Children also shares over twenty activities, in which can be used to expand your consciousness, and to create a more abundant, peaceful, and alive existence. Healing Our Children has information from both father, Ramiel, and also hard earned wisdom from Michelle in regards to mothering.

Healing Our Children Chapter Outline

Part I – The Plague

Throughout history, we have heard about plagues that affect a large portion of the population in a particular area. Many people fear these types of diseases, not realizing that our planet is currently experiencing a real plague of a different sort. In the first portion of the book, the modern plague is discussed by looking at wisdom from some of the greatest health practitioners in the world, along with Dr. Weston Price’s work in the 1930’s (including 30 vivid photographs of his work). If you are familiar with Dr. Price and his research, then you will love Healing Our Children because the book distills Dr. Price’s essential knowledge about children’s health and puts the information into an easy to understand format with practical guidelines to apply in your daily life.

Chapter 1 – The Cause of Disease

Chapter 1 explores the theory of disease and health. Nagel asks: Are we responsible for disease that happens? We learn about the false information that is taught about the theory of disease, and uncovering these truths will empower you to understand all aspects that really cause illness, including both the physical and the spiritual elements.

Chapter 2 – “Thy food shall be thy remedy” – Hippocrates

Our modern culture generally believes that genetic tendencies cause disease, but Nagel shows in this chapter how this not only untrue, but impossible. Consider the fact that countless generations have been living in good health for many years, and it’s only recently that something has changed to negatively impact their health. When Native cultures encounter modern civilization, which includes convenience, processed foods of commerce. In this chapter you will see radical pictures, showing exactly how the change in diet has affected people around the world, and these pictures make it easy for you to understand the truth about disease and health.

Chapter 3 – Our Modernized Ways Cause Diseases in Our Children’s Bodies

Using compelling testimonies, stories, and photographs, Nagel demonstrates children are put in the position to experience degenerative disease. Our children may not be affected by a plague of bacteria or viruses, but the health impact is even bigger because of the modern world that we live in.

Chapter 4 – The Origin of Many Birth Defects

The modern foods that are commonly consumed are causing a plague on it’s own, and we are seeing increased numbers of pregnancy problems and birth defects. Nagel shows how toxins in the body and vitamin deficiencies cause birth defects. Even though many modern doctors are still mystified about birth defects, the truth is that we really know the cause of these defects: they are a result of our modern lifestyle and “civilized” diet.

Part II – Nutritional Wisdom – For Preconception, Pregnancy, and Lactation

Once you understand the problems that we are facing today, you can learn how to implement changes in your life to avoid disease and illness. Nagel provides solutions that can be easily implemented, and you can begin using these suggestions today. You will learn what indigenous people ate and why it matters to follow similar eating habits, as well as where you can look in our modern world to find these high quality foods.

Chapter 5 – Indigenous Versus Modern Dietary Standards

In the first part of the book, the reader is able to view pictures of how disease is caused by modern foods, but despite the proof in the pictures… many people still ask: why? In this chapter, Nagel goes into detail about the problems with the modern diet. Additionally, this section is a great reference because several dietary charts are revealed which were created by Dr. Price, and this is the first time in 70 years that these charts are being republished here. The charts share a detailed explanation and analysis about healthy native diets compared with disease-causing modern diets. These charts help to break down why disease in pregnancy (as well as childhood diseases) are no longer a mystery. We know what is causing the poor health of our modern population!

Chapter 6 – Dietary Guidelines For Preconception, Pregnancy, and Lactation

Historically, indigenous groups gave mothers special foods, not only during pregnancy, but also before conception. These nutritional standards were used for one main purpose: to grow a healthy child. One advantage in our modern world is that we have effective systems of transportation, which allow us to have access to these highly nutritious foods regardless of the location or season where a mother lives, meaning that we have the ability to rear healthy children in our culture. The problem is that many women don’t know about these special high nutrient foods, or even worse, our modern medical establishment has made suggestions to the mother that she should not be eating these foods during pregnancy. Using specific, practical dietary guidelines, Nagel and his wife Michelle developed a program over a period of four years which resulted in their second child, Yeshe, being born superbly healthy. Originally, the guidelines were adopted by the family when Nagel’s first daughter, Sparkle, developed severe tooth cavities.

Chapter 7- Preconception, Fertility & Pregnancy Vitality

Even if you are not currently pregnant, right now is the time to consider preconception health. In this chapter, you will see a step-by-step program that you can use before the conception of your next child, which will help to ensure that the child experiences the maximum vitality and health possible. This chapter also has concrete, detailed guidelines for you to follow in order to avoid harm to the growing baby, as well as making your pregnancy more vital, and healthy. The wisdom in this pregnancy diet is based upon the diets that were successfully used by indigenous cultures from around the world.

Part III – Healing Our Children

At this point in the book, you will have a good framework to help you to create a nourished and robust child, but what is the next step? How can these principals be applied into day to day habits? This section reveals the answers to these questions, as well as much more information to help you be successful as you move forward with these changes in your life.

Chapter 8 – Childbirth Enabling the Divine Purpose of the Universe

You can discover your divine purpose through the birth experience.

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are.” (The Power of Now)

The modern culture does not place emphasis or value on the mother, so this chapter of the book will help you understand just how important you are for the birth and rearing of your child. Information is provided that shows a survey of the best birth practices today which incorporate mother affirming and holistic approaches. Learning these techniques and ideas will allow you to have control of your right to give birth to a healthy child, in a way that is comfortable and safe. Also, for the first time, Nagel provides an explanation about the root cause within our culture for birth difficulties. The book provides a detailed plan with steps that are easy to follow, which will allow you to prevent complications during the birthing experience. This chapter shares, how in the coming generation, all birth difficulties can actually be eliminated.

Chapter 9 – Only to Be With You Your New Baby’s Perspective

For a new baby, the most intimate and deepest longing of the child is to be held in their mother’s arms. This interaction brings great joy and peace for your new baby. You will learn about how your new baby “imprints” the world, so that respect and honor can be used as the child enters the world. Information is also shared about the western parenting practices which are so tragic and harmful to the child, with detailed drawings and illustrations so that you can understand how to best nurture your child and help them feel loved. Other special topics include, circumcision, the Father’s role, car seats, slings, and how to encourage your child’s healthy individuation.

Chapter 10 – Parenting the Center of Your Longing

The greatest meaning and purpose in life is to be a parent.

In chapter 10, parenting practices are discussed to help you understand the correct ways to parent (and parenting styles which should be avoided). The best way to parent is with compassion and love. Babies can be better understood by listening to their cues, and responding accordingly. As a parent, we have the opportunity to grow both spiritually and emotionally. Don’t view parenting as a daunting challenge, because having the right attitude can provide a parent with new hope even during the most difficult times. You will learn about the real purpose in life, the continuum concept, safety and health boundaries, being a role model, and health and safety boundaries. We also learn about the not so terrible two’s.

Chapter 11 Vaccines Kill Innocent Children

The topics of a vaccine and other health decisions can be very confusing, especially if a parent doesn’t have accurate knowledge about these medical practices. The title summarizes this chapter: vaccines kill innocent children. Unfortunately, many parents don’t realize the implications of vaccines, so this chapter dismantles the myth of vaccination. Statistical comparison and studies are shared that show the health of both vaccinated and non vaccinated groups, as well as vaccine programs throughout the last hundred years. The evidence proves, without a doubt, that vaccines are harmful and actually a complete failure. Parents can gain information here that shows how children can be given true disease immunity, handle vaccine peer pressure, and take a close examination of the true causes of many illnesses and diseases which are believed to be caused by germs. Many parents are surprised to learn that germs are not the problem, the real causes are toxins in our environment and food.

Chapter 12 School the Enslavement of Our Children

Many parents strive to help their children get good grades in school, so that the parents can brag about the success of their children to their friends. But what are our children really learning in school? I reveal that subjugation is the real lesson of school. Public schooling teaches our children to be lifeless, dumb, controlled, and numbed out to life. If we want to create a crime-free and safe society for future generations, then immediate changes need to be made to the way our children are schooled.

Chapter 13 Feeding Our Children

In order to raise healthy children, you need to know what to feed them. This chapter describes the key principals to help your children be superbly healthy through proper nutrition. It includes details about diets during various stages in life, with special foods used by healthy, native people.

Chapter 14 Amazing Grace!

Amazing grace is the sweet sound of victory. Through the journey of this book, you will have learned the real prevention and cause for a many disease conditions which occur in childhood and pregnancy. When these causes are known, then they can be prevented. You will be able to:

  • Promote the Prevention of Birth Defects
  • Promote the Prevention of SIDS
  • Promote the Prevention of Mental
  • Disabilities & Learning Disabilities
  • Promote the Prevention of Autism
  • Promote the Prevention of Colic
  • Promote the Prevention of Tooth Decay
  • Promote the Prevention of Post-Partum Depression
  • Promote the Prevention of Miscarriage and Other Illnesses of Pregnancy
  • Promote the Prevention of Pre-Mature Birth
  • Promote the Prevention of Scoliosis
  • Promote the Creation of a Child
  • That is Super-Intelligent
  • Promote the Creation of a Child Who is Strong, Attractive, and Who Has Straight Teeth
  • Promote the Creation of a Child Who is Highly Immune to Disease
  • Promote the Creation of a Child Who Has Vision Equal to Or Greater Than 20/20
  • Promote the Creation of a Child Who is Calm, Peaceful, and Compassionate
  • Integrating the Principles of Promoting Disease Prevention For Our Children
  • In the Coming Generation Learn How We Can, Eliminate Birth Complications & Childhood Disease

The ending of this book shares a message of hope for all parents, as well as an invitation for you and your child to experience peace, grace, and joy through positive lifestyle changes.