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Healing Our Children™

I truly want you to have a happy and healthy child. Healing Our Children™ is a professionally published 400 page book, and an informative website by father and author Ramiel Nagel. The book and website will help you connect with forgotten healing wisdom and nourishing support that resonates with your heart, and your longing to be a present and supportive parent. The destiny of your child is in your hands more than your realize. Let me help you nourish your children on all levels of their being. Take this opportunity to connect by subscribing to our e-mail list to be informed of new articles on our website, and by purchasing Healing Our Children™.


A Safe and Natural Birth

The ease of which childbirth was accomplished in Indigenous tribes stands in stark contrast to the phenomal rate of birth interventions and cesarean birth’s in the Western world. Today, modern Mother’s and Infants suffer needlessly as a result of a birth process that is out of balance. Why is this the case? During his field studies with ... Continue Reading


Indigenous People Had Safe and Natural Births

Dr. Weston Price discovered that indigenous women had rapid births. “A similar impressive comment was made to me by Dr. Romig, the superintendent of the government hospital for Eskimos and Indians at Anchorage, Alaska. He stated that in his thirty-six years among the Eskimos, he had never been able to arrive in time to see ... Continue Reading


How Indigenous People Had Safe and Natural Births

Dr. Weston Price in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration wrote: “I presented data indicating that the Peruvians, who were descendants of the old Chimu culture on the coast of Peru, used fish eggs liberally during the developmental period of girls in order that they might perfect their physical preparation for the later responsibility of motherhood. These ... Continue Reading


Modern Food Interferes with a Full Pelvic Brim

As with facial structure, modern food also inhibits the full and natural development of a round pelvic brim (the inside of the pelvis). “White Girl Scouts, New Zealand. Note the progressive lengthening and narrowing of the face and narrowing of the hips in the younger girl at the left.” “The effect of this narrowing of ... Continue Reading


A Program for Creating a Safe Birth


Modern women come into the birth scene with many disadvantages. Unlike indigenous women, modern women were not given special foods during childhood to encourage the full bone growth and development needed for a healthy birth. In indigenous cultures birth was many times apart of the educational process of girls (at the appropriate age). Even still, an extremely high percentage of modern ... Continue Reading


Prepare your Physical Body For Birth


Steps Toward Preparing the Physical Body for a healthy birth Before conception, follow the preconception health plan. During pregnancy, follow the diet for pregnancy and lactation. Strengthen Birth Muslces and Increase Joint Flexibility (before and during pregnancy) Practice Kegel’s Pelvic Tilt Rebozo Position Yoga Walking, Hoola Hoop, Bellydance Get special prenatal bodywork Review these techniques for preparing the body ... Continue Reading


Prepare Your Emotional Body for Birth


Are you emotionally ready for your child? Are you prepared for the birth process? If you honestly reflect on these questions, you will probably find that the answer is NO. Yes you may be excited for your new baby. But are you ready to take care of this little being? Have your needs been met? ... Continue Reading


Prepare your Mental Body for Birth


You can use your mind to prepare yourself for birth. Your mind should be clear, ready and focused for the birthing process. Here are some suggestions: Visualizing a safe birth, reading birth stories along with reading and learning about healthy birth practices. Preparing for possible complications, and knowing and understanding what they mean.


Preparing your Spiritual Body for Birth


If you are struggling or curious as to what your spiritual purpose is in life, let me help you out a bit. You are here to love, serve, and remember your true nature. Your purpose in life is to be a mother. Being a mother does not mean you put your needs aside. Likewise it ... Continue Reading


Special Foods Before, After and During Labor


Diet Before Labor “Lubrication Formula (We Want to Live) (3 Weeks Before Birth) 1-2 raw organic eggs (Raw Eggs Are Consumed At Your Own Risk) 2-4 ounces raw butter 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice 1-2 teaspoons unheated honey All ingredients should be room temperature. Warm all ingredients in a jar with the lid on immersed in a ... Continue Reading

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