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Healing Our Children™

I truly want you to have a happy and healthy child. Healing Our Children™ is a professionally published 400 page book, and an informative website by father and author Ramiel Nagel. The book and website will help you connect with forgotten healing wisdom and nourishing support that resonates with your heart, and your longing to be a present and supportive parent. The destiny of your child is in your hands more than your realize. Let me help you nourish your children on all levels of their being. Take this opportunity to connect by subscribing to our e-mail list to be informed of new articles on our website, and by purchasing Healing Our Children™.


Intrinsic Motivation

Learning comes from within Studies have shown that people who demonstrate authentic and self-initiated motivation have better performance, persistence, and creativity . The most natural way of learning is produced through an interest or passion, not from outside forces or authority. Children learn best when they see an application to the information, a satisfaction of ... Continue Reading


Healing Authority

Creating authentic models of leadership What children perceive themselves to be, they will become. A child that has been repeatedly placed under strict restraint by a controlling authority begins to put all his energy into defending his true self. As described in Healing Our Children: “Children controlled by outer authorities seem to be disciplined and ... Continue Reading


Disconnected Families

How can we pass down the skills and values of our culture? In centuries past, children were raised in the culture and traditions of their parents. The family was the stabilizing factor for many societies. Children played an active, meaningful role in the daily activities and rituals of the community. Families and neighbors worked together, ... Continue Reading


Discipline and Authority

Conformism in the American society Who defines right and wrong in our society? Authority figures in our current society derive their power not from ultimate truths, but from the status quo. Whatever dominant philosophy exists amongst the elite is the source of their power and their actions. An authority figure can be a doctor giving ... Continue Reading


Created For Work


Often parents are too quick to step in and handle situations for children rather than letting them experience the negative or positive effects of their actions. When children are allowed to live free from false authority, they learn the advantages of moderation and hard work. Pampering and controlling are two behaviors that kill the self-discipline ... Continue Reading


Broken Education


What home schools really teach our children There is a sense of ever-present authority in school. Children are forever under the watchful eye of teachers, principals, and even other students. Even at home, where families should feel secure and free from the influence of school; children are made to sit and do homework. At the ... Continue Reading


Spanking Children is child abuse


Were you spanked as a child? Or was your friend, or sibling? Do you remember how it feels? Or what it felt like in your own body. It hurts. It feels violating. It makes the child feel weak, helpless, betrayed. Spanking children is a deep betrayal of the child because the parent’s primitive role is ... Continue Reading


No Surprise, HPV Vaccines Not Scientifically Proven to Work


No surprise here: Researchers from the University of British Columbia have documented that there is no scientific evidence to support the use of the HPV vaccine. The study shows that the HPV vaccines DOES NOT prevent any type of disease or cancer. Vaccines are a dangerous lie. Do not vaccinate your child, or yourself.

A Safe Birth At Home Video

A Safe Birth At Home Video


  A nice video of a birth at home. The baby is welcomed and loved.

Does Aluminum in Vaccines Help and Infants Immune System?

Does Aluminum in Vaccines Help an Infants Immune System?


Dr. Suzanne Humphries discusses with a clear mind the dangers of vaccines. Vaccines are a deadly poison. Avoid them.

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