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Healing Our Children™

I truly want you to have a happy and healthy child. Healing Our Children™ is a professionally published 400 page book, and an informative website by father and author Ramiel Nagel. The book and website will help you connect with forgotten healing wisdom and nourishing support that resonates with your heart, and your longing to be a present and supportive parent. The destiny of your child is in your hands more than your realize. Let me help you nourish your children on all levels of their being. Take this opportunity to connect by subscribing to our e-mail list to be informed of new articles on our website, and by purchasing Healing Our Children™.


Vaccines: Not Only Unsafe, But Shockingly Ineffective Too

At a recent well check-up for my middle child, I was asked why I declined to give my sons the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine. I asked a simple question in return: Why should they get the MMR vaccine when it apparently doesn’t work? According to a CNN report, there was a large mumps outbreak ... Continue Reading


The Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil During Pregnancy

  Coconut oil is for more than just the beach, which is probably what comes to mind for many when you catch the succulent scent of coconut.  Many don’t realize the health benefits of coconut oil for pregnant women. The benefits cover a wide range of areas in the body such as skin, stress, cholesterol, ... Continue Reading

The Fluoride Deception: Pregnancy and Childhood

The Fluoride Deception: Pregnancy and Childhood

For many years the public has been told that fluoride is needed to prevent cavities. Many cities and towns across the country fluoridate the water supply. Dentists and doctors across the nation often recommend fluoride, and support the fluoridation of water. This practice is misleading and dangerous to the health of all life. The fluoride ... Continue Reading


Self Acceptance and Being a Mother 8-26-2009

For generations, so many of us have been relying on our children to accept us for who we are. We want our children to accept all of our mistakes and flaws. Yet this expectation of our children turns them into the “parent” or care giver. Is it fair for us to have this expectation of ... Continue Reading


Motherhood and Support on being your Divine Mother self


These posts are written by Michelle. Michelle’s wisdom is featured in the book, “Healing Our Children.” Being a mother is a unique opportunity to shine as your real self. Michelle’s comments will help you connect deeper with yourself and your children, or child to be. On Being a Mother 7-15-09 When I am with my ... Continue Reading


Nature is In Our Heart, Motherhood and Nature 8-18-09


We go to the beach sometimes, or we go to the woods on the weekend. We consider our time to be in nature, or, not in nature. What we need to know is Nature is with us all of the time! Even if we are in an office or cubicle, consider this: The chair, the ... Continue Reading


Motherhood on being your Divine Mother self


On Being a Mother 7-15-09 When I am with my children, I notice that at times, my mind wanders. I can feel that I am less present with myself, and as a result, less present with my precious children. In this state I feel agitated, withdrawn. Soon enough my children are not enjoying this beautiful ... Continue Reading


Healthy Social Interaction


How children gain interpersonal skills One of the characteristics of a healthy, social adult is their ability to communicate effectively with other people. Interpersonal skills such as empathy, perception, and assertiveness are highly valued by employers and reflect a balance between cooperativeness and personal opinion. Unfortunately, children who are confined in school for hours each ... Continue Reading


The Pressure to Perform


Negative criticism vs. positive affirmation When children start to believe that love and affection are contingent upon their approval of authority figures they become weak and dependent. Outwardly they appear compliant and docile, but inwardly the desire for unconditional acceptance makes them vulnerable. Studies have shown that 94 percent of classroom management techniques used by ... Continue Reading


Letting go of fears


How children learn through example Will children, if left to themselves, learn everything they need to know in order to live in today’s society? The idea of letting children be fully autonomous in their learning brings many questions and fears to mind. The idea that children can and should learn through natural means rather than ... Continue Reading

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