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Healing Our Children™

I truly want you to have a happy and healthy child. Healing Our Children™ is a professionally published 400 page book, and an informative website by father and author Ramiel Nagel. The book and website will help you connect with forgotten healing wisdom and nourishing support that resonates with your heart, and your longing to be a present and supportive parent. The destiny of your child is in your hands more than your realize. Let me help you nourish your children on all levels of their being. Take this opportunity to connect by subscribing to our e-mail list to be informed of new articles on our website, and by purchasing Healing Our Children™.

Baby in Bed

Find Peace of Mind with Co-sleeping

There was absolutely no way I was going to put my newborn baby in a room all by himself; my maternal instinct insisted it was so lonely and wrong to have our baby in a big room all alone. So I set up a bassinet next to our bed to keep him close enough for ... Continue Reading


A Great Way to Choose a Pediatrician: Talk about Vaccines

Choosing a pediatrician was one of the most challenging decisions I had to make before our baby was born. I would soon have a very small and precious bundle of life who would depend on me to take care of him. So it was vital for me to find a doctor who had the same ... Continue Reading


Weston Price Reveals the Source of Indigenous Wisdom

The question has crossed my mind, as perhaps it has yours: how did native groups that Weston Price studied know what special foods to eat for health, for pre-conception and for pregnancy? I want to provide a little detail from Weston Price. (Note: this type of information is in my book, Healing Our Children, page ... Continue Reading

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hepatitis B Vaccine: Dangerous and Completely Unnecessary

Within minutes of giving birth, I made my first decision as a parent – not to give my baby the Hepatitis B vaccine. The only way a newborn can contract hepatitis B at birth is from his mother. My own hepatitis B test was negative, so I knew my baby was in no immediate danger ... Continue Reading


Adrenals: Why These Small Glands Play a Big Role in Your Pregnancy


The adrenal glands play a major role in maintaining balance within your body. These glands sit like little hats on top of the kidneys. Don’t let their size fool you; these glands are responsible for an array of bodily functions including blood pressure, blood sugar and sex hormone regulation. The first half of this article ... Continue Reading


Rediscovering Raw Milk During My Second Pregnancy


I grew up in Texas and as a child I clearly remember driving with Mom out of town to pick up our milk from a nearby farm. She grew up on a farm herself where raw milk was a staple, so she was always excited to get the fresh raw milk for our family. Every ... Continue Reading

Drinking Raw Milk

Getting Good Milk Shouldn’t Be So Hard!


I grew up in Texas and as a child I clearly remember driving with Mom out of town to pick up our milk from a nearby farm. She grew up on a farm where raw milk was a staple, so she was always excited to get the fresh raw milk for our family. Every time she ... Continue Reading Chart

Survey Shows Vaccinated Children Less Healthy


Too often it seems like there is a new vaccine making a bid to become part of the mandatory vaccine schedule in the United States. Currently, the vaccine schedule calls for 48 doses of 14 vaccines by the age of six. As part of the process to be added to the vaccine schedule, I had ... Continue Reading

Too many vaccines

Infant Mortality Tied to Number of Vaccines Given


Even before I had children, I was surprised to hear about so many new vaccines becoming mandatory. Then when I had my first baby and actually saw the current US vaccines schedule, I was floored. How had the amount of  mandatory vaccines tripled since my childhood? And how could it possibly be safe to give ... Continue Reading

Banned Vaccines

Some Flu Vaccines Banned in Foreign Countries, But Surprisingly Not in the US


Call me crazy, but when a vaccine is banned in a foreign country due to its severe side effects, I expect the US media to alert the American public of the incident. After all, if children overseas are at risk, then our children at home are potentially at risk as well. As a parent, I ... Continue Reading

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