Stated intention of this web page about how vaccines are made: Help you to understand the harm caused by vaccines so that you will not allow them to be given to your children under any circumstances.

To my understanding, the beginning of the vaccine creation process starts with a few initial cells which are placed in a medium rich in nutrients, and then they are cultured and grown. Typically, the growth medium consists of animal parts or organ. It is not uncommon for the nutrient-rich media to have toxins present because of contamination, these toxins may include elements such as enzyme inhibitors and amoebas.UNICEF

Once the cells are combined with animal parts and cultured, next is a purification process so that the so-called virus can be filtered out in order for the pharmaceutical  company to use it in the vaccine. The truth is that they don’t only filter out the virus also, because the virus has actually never been specifically identified for each disease. So, this filtration process allows a lot more to pass through… all of it is material which is claimed to contain some type of virus. One whistleblower for vaccines, who uses the pseudonym of Dr. Randall, shares the reminder that it is common for vaccines to be made fetal tissue from aborted babies. Additionally, he has that many vaccine batches are contaminated with foreign proteins.

In some cases, vaccines are actually created with unusual animal tissue, such as: calf serum, embryonic tissue from guinea pigs, kidney tissue from African green monkeys, and even human diploid cells (which are dissected organs of aborted human fetuses). If fetal tissue is not used for a vaccine, then it is common for monkey kidney cells and chicken embryos to be used in the creation process. When these cells are allowed to enter a child’s body, they directly contaminate and alter the bloodstream of the child. The question that we ask is this: How does this process of creating vaccines prevent diseases? Show me the evidence!

Photo Source: UNICEF Sverige from Flickr