Healthy Pregnancy


Getting Pregnant is great for women, but for a Healthy Pregnancy you need to maintain a very quantified Diet.


Plant-based Diets May Not Be Enough

To have good health, we want to eat a natural diet, one that is consistent with what our body was meant to eat. Following Dr. Weston Price’s recommendations is a great way to start. But sometimes people stray from the path of what leads to good health. One of the paths to health disaster is ... Continue Reading

Pregnant Beach Body

Train your Skin to Fight Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the bane of many pregnant women’s existence. Some women put up a brave front, outwardly proclaiming that they are the “badges” of motherhood, but inwardly, wishing the scars would vanish. Ladies, don’t apologize for being vain – own it! The truth is there’s nothing wrong with trying to get rid of these ... Continue Reading


Adrenals: Why These Small Glands Play a Big Role in Your Pregnancy

The adrenal glands play a major role in maintaining balance within your body. These glands sit like little hats on top of the kidneys. Don’t let their size fool you; these glands are responsible for an array of bodily functions including blood pressure, blood sugar and sex hormone regulation. The first half of this article ... Continue Reading


Rediscovering Raw Milk During My Second Pregnancy

I grew up in Texas and as a child I clearly remember driving with Mom out of town to pick up our milk from a nearby farm. She grew up on a farm herself where raw milk was a staple, so she was always excited to get the fresh raw milk for our family. Every ... Continue Reading


The Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil During Pregnancy


  Coconut oil is for more than just the beach, which is probably what comes to mind for many when you catch the succulent scent of coconut.  Many don’t realize the health benefits of coconut oil for pregnant women. The benefits cover a wide range of areas in the body such as skin, stress, cholesterol, ... Continue Reading

The Fluoride Deception: Pregnancy and Childhood

The Fluoride Deception: Pregnancy and Childhood


For many years the public has been told that fluoride is needed to prevent cavities. Many cities and towns across the country fluoridate the water supply. Dentists and doctors across the nation often recommend fluoride, and support the fluoridation of water. This practice is misleading and dangerous to the health of all life. The fluoride ... Continue Reading

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Healthy Pregnancy and Lactation Diet


Many groups of Indigenous people were guided by the “great power” to watch what animals ate. We now are being called upon to watch what healthy Indigenous people ate, so that we can have healthy pregnancies and healthy children.


An Unnoticed Tragedy


Daily a profound tragedy plays itself out, unnoticed, our pregnant and lactating mother’s are starving for nutrients, and hence, their children are deprived of essential body building factors. This depravation, combined with modern life depleted foods, causes many types of illnesses, and makes our children unfit for life. Dietary Guidelines Pregnancy and Lactation Calcium Phosphorus ... Continue Reading


Trust Your Instincts During Pregnancy


These are guidelines, not rigid expectations that have to be precisely followed. However I take great effort to avoid the unhealthy foods. Particularly, in the final stages of pregnancy, your appetite might very widely, trust these instincts. After the birth, you may not feel hungry at all, trust that feeling and do not force yourself ... Continue Reading


Overwhelmed with Animal Foods?


If you have problems physically assimilating all these animal foods products, or if your body does not crave more, than do not eat more. One solution is to have animal proteins and fats frequently, but in smaller portions (1-3 ounces, several times daily). Eating animal proteins with fats consistently, while listening to the body and ... Continue Reading

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