Attachment Parenting


Every Mother wants to stay connected with her New Born Infants, Attachment parenting is very important to create a bond between mother and child.


Motherhood on being your Divine Mother self

On Being a Mother 7-15-09 When I am with my children, I notice that at times, my mind wanders. I can feel that I am less present with myself, and as a result, less present with my precious children. In this state I feel agitated, withdrawn. Soon enough my children are not enjoying this beautiful ... Continue Reading


Spanking Children is child abuse

Were you spanked as a child? Or was your friend, or sibling? Do you remember how it feels? Or what it felt like in your own body. It hurts. It feels violating. It makes the child feel weak, helpless, betrayed. Spanking children is a deep betrayal of the child because the parent’s primitive role is ... Continue Reading


Understanding Your Infants Needs

Summary: Hold your child for the first 5-7 months. Breast feed on cue until the child is fully loved and satisfied and no longer has the urge to breast feed (about 4-7 years). Never leave your child in a way that you are inaccessible to them. This is how you can follow nature’s intention for ... Continue Reading


Hold Them In Your Arms!

When an infant is held in your arms, she feels as if she is being held in the arms of the creator. There can be no higher experience of peace and bliss than for a child to be held tenderly in the arms of her mother.


When a Child is abandoned, he Experiences Pain


While the most pleasurable feeling for an infant or child, is the contact with his family, and of course breastfeeding, the most painful experience is to be left alone, ignored, not tended to and not given the breast milk or other attention he needs. 1. Prior to feeling any pain, your infant feels pure need. ... Continue Reading


Why Do Mother’s Abandon Their Children?


When the mother was an infant and child, she was likely hurt, rejected, and helplessly exposed to pain and deprivation. Children find that numbing their feelings is the best way to cope with such abuse. This is a quite realistic expression of a child. Numbness eventually become second nature as the child grows up, this ... Continue Reading


Why it is Painful When a Child is Abandoned


In the Second Womb, the infant feels safe and trusts life. The mother radiates a warmth of presence and comfort, the mother’s womb actually radiates this energy. The infant who is helpless after birth and is still growing and developing, and yet Nature’s design can no longer support physical maturation within the mother. So nature ... Continue Reading


The Real Needs of Your Infant and Child


Deep down, every mother and father wants to nourish their children. The needs of your child grow and change, as your child grows and changes. Love, Care: “More often, however, both parents are emotionally immature and cannot give the love the child craves, or give it only in insufficient measure. During childhood, this need is ... Continue Reading


Breastfeeding, An Embodiment of A Mother’s Love


With breastfeeding infant receives, the ideal food and source of nourishment, a pleasurable life giving connection and a biological feeling of peace and relaxation. His body becomes soft and receptive. Breastfeeding on cue is the easiest and best way to take care of a child, because it makes children calm, and relaxed. The average time ... Continue Reading


The Tragic Child Raising Practices of the West


In the West, our child raising practices are not wise, as they break apart the bond between mother and child. Why do we do this? The Mother is deeply unhappy. In the smaller picture to the left, is this couple having a dinner with their friends. They want life to be like it was before ... Continue Reading

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